Lone Pine February Newsletter

The 2015 PGA Merchandise show has finished and it was even more than I had hoped for as a PGA Member. I had the opportunity as a Titleist Staff Professional to participate in seminars that included Butch Harmon, Claude Harmon III, Cameron McCormick, Mark Blackburn, Scotty Cameron, Bob Vokey and Aaron Dill. 

I think everyone is familiar with Butch Harmon, swing and life coach for many top players.  His son Claude Harmon III is listed as one of the top 50 coaches in America.  Mark Blackburn and Cameron McCormick are listed as top 100 coaches in America.  McCormick is the coach of Jordan Speith and has been since Jordan was in his early teens.  Aaron Dill is Vokey’s tour wedge fitter and an amazing young man that taught me even more about the specific grind and bounce options available.

I was also able to spend a significant amount of time with the students of California University’s PGM program as well as many PGM Programs from around the country.  I am pleased to say we will have a student working for us as an intern again this summer.  Brandon Yuhouse will be helping out this spring and fall and he will be a regular addition to the crew during the thick of the golf season.

The addition of John and Brandon to the staff will support our mission of creating the “Lone Pine Experience” for you, your families and your guests.  Our goal is to provide an exceptional level of service in every area of the facility. We have been working very hard this winter to prepare ourselves and the facility to support this mission.  Renovations to the facility’s ballroom and wing are well underway, the bag room has been completely reworked, the staff is being put into place, and I am continuing to learn and grow in my position as your head golf professional.  I am very excited for the upcoming season, having opportunities to play golf with the membership and focusing on continued improvements to the total club experience.

I will see you at the club,

J.R. Pond, PGA


2015 PGA Merchandise Show

IMG_1376  IMG_1377  IMG_1378

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above pictures are of our first plane of the day from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, a view of the clouds from above and finally our second plane of the day getting ready to touchdown in Orlando.  Tonight is dinner with the PGM Students from California University of Pennsylvania as the search for a possible intern begins.

I can’t begin to tell you all how excited I am for next week.  I have a very full schedule of networking, meeting with reps, and seminars to help me grow in my position as a golf professional.  I will be sure to update this post with pictures and stories of my time in Florida this January.  Until then, keep warm and get ready to make 2015 your best season yet.

January Lone Pine Newsletter

Happy New Year! In the wake of a very good December, the days are already starting to get a little longer. While we wait for the winter to melt away to Spring, I want to remind everyone to take this time of the year to stretch and do some exercise so you can start the 2015 season not only in condition to shoot better scores, but to reduce your risk of sports related injuries. Some simple stretching, maybe a couple pushups or using a light resistance band can help maintain or even increase distance on tee shots and help with cardiovascular health. A healthy cardiovascular system will allow you to finish a round without being exhausted and add enjoyment to your golfing experience. Walking on a treadmill, using an elliptical, walking regularly at the mall, lifting weights, joining a gym, or going to any kind of exercise class goes a long way to improving golf scores and your overall quality of life. I always try to use this time of year for heavier lifting routines that cannot be done during the season because of the increased recovery times.

When I am not working on maintaining physical health, I am putting double time into reading articles and best practices and picking the brains of fellow professionals from all over the country. I will be heading to Orlando this month to continue my education as a PGA member. While I am there I will be attending a couple seminars on teaching and instruction including one with Butch Harmon thanks to my friends at Titleist. I will also be attending the 2015 demo day to personally test much of the equipment we will have in the shop this spring. The time I have in Orlando will help me to become an even more proficient instructor and club fitter. Helping a player develop a repeatable swing and pairing them with the right equipment ultimately leads to lower scores and more fun. We have accounts with nearly all of the major brands you see on tour. Although we cannot stock everything, we have the ability to special order equipment, apparel, and accessories to help you look and feel your best on and off the course.

I want to thank everyone again for such a wonderful season. The participation of so many members in all of the year’s events, the Bandits, and the LGA for your regular play and support of the club. Your patronage to the club is what allows us to continue to improve the service and conditions of the course and facility. Being members, you should grow to expect more from the service we provide to you. My goal for this year will be to provide the “Lone Pine Experience”, service that rivals that of the facilities we hold so highly in the area while maintaining our position as the best private club value in the area. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the changes happening here. Lone Pine truly is a special place with a lot of plans that are taking shape which lay the groundwork to continued improvements for the future. Allow us the chance to impress you and we will strive to never disappoint.

Proud to be your Pro and I look forward to seeing you all at the club.


Thank you

I want to say thanks to Brian Rogish and Ben for your hospitality at the golf learning center at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. A couple hours of great conversation about instruction and a chance to see what Trackman is truly capable of.

Look forward to seeing you both at Lone Pine soon.

The Future Begins Now

Welcome to the future of the golf industry. PGA professionals available through a couple of keystrokes, clicks or taps on a smartphone. Thank you Joe Merlin, Michael Breed, Brian Rogish, Justin Barroner and the Cal U of PA staff. There are a bunch more to list but I will be talking about them and their influences much more in the future. Thank you all, and here is to growing the game.