October News and Newsletter

Before I get into the newsletter for the club, I have to say thank you to the LGA, Bandits and all the participants we had in events throughout the season.  I have truly enjoyed this entire season and I look forward to continued growth as we continue in to the future together.

I am continuing to expand on the knowledge I have as the season slows down.  I have plans to go to Orlando in January and South Carolina in February to participate in seminars with industry leaders and top teachers so I may better serve our membership.  I am really looking forward to these opportunities as I will be learning from individuals such as Andrew Rice, Martin Chuck, and Joe Mayo among other top teachers I have been following for over a year.  I will also be taking a good look at the programs we ran this year for player development.  I hope to have even more options available to help you play your best in 2016.

As September gives way to October we begin to feel as though the season is coming to a close, but I want to remind everyone that there are still a few golf events and several social events for you to enjoy. Even if the weather is than conducive for golf, we have some awesome opportunities for savings on in stock merchandise. These are great ways to use up your outstanding credit before the end of the year or if you need gifts for the golfer who has everything.

Ladies’ Closing Day – Beat the Pro will be held on October 1, with the 18 hole ladies teeing off at 9:30 and the 9 hole ladies teeing off at 11:00.

Men’s Closing Day is October 10 and the signup is posted in the Golf Shop with all of the details. This is the first official Players’ Cup point event for the 2016 season so don’t miss out.

Octoberfest three club scramble October 17 – Tee off by 10:00 AM. There will be a pot luck for everyone to enjoy and participate in throughout the lunch hours. Each player will be allowed three clubs to help the team in the scramble, the team may share clubs on par 3s.

We will see a lot of players walking October 11, 12 and 13. California University of Pennsylvania will be hosting their “Vulcan Invitational” at Lone Pine which will close the course down partially on the 12 and 13. This is another great opportunity for exposure as we will have some excellent collegiate golfers representing their schools. I invite anyone that would like to watch some of the play to come out and enjoy.

October 22 Lone Pine will be hosting an event for Linsly which will have the course closed for the day.

September was a great month for golf with many days above average in temperature. The Player’s Cup ended with the Blue team narrowly defeating the Red team but all the participants ended as winners. This year participants played for nearly $3000 in shop prize money with everyone that played getting at least $75 as a thank you for participating in the season’s events.

The Tour Championship Better Ball proved to be a success again this year with twenty participants.

Again I can’t thank you enough for all of your patronage this season.

I will see you at the club.

JR Pond, PGA


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