June 2015 Newsletter

It is highlight reel time. May was a very busy month with Fitting Days, The return of the Member Member, Memorial Day, our first Hit n’ Giggle of the season, and our first STAG of the season.

The fitting days were bitter sweet as it was exciting to see the professional staff and vendor reps give over 60 fittings over the two days, it was also John Rapko’s last week working in the shop. He is doing very well and looks forward to coming back to visit soon.

The Member Member was a very successful event with the introduction of the new format. We changed it to a one day event with a better ball of partners on the front and a Chapman on the back which lead to the crowning of new champions after abandoning the event last year. Nick Johnson and Tom Songer lead the field with a 4 under 32 on the front nine while Frank Runco and Bill Shields clinched the Chapman title with a 29.75. Both teams placed in the overall with

Johnson & Songer – 62.25

Runco & Shields – 63.75

Christy & Paluso – 66.75

Gasper & Champe – 67

The Memorial Day event was also a great success with 56 participants playing the Modified 2 of 4 format. While one members score was designated as having to be used, the other score was the best net of the other three. In the end only 15 shots separated the entire field. Dunn, Carrigan, Helfer and Allison won the event with a 12 under 132. There was a tie for second at 134 between the teams of Christy, Paluso, Dinardo, Brendel and George, Rhone, Oberst and Barthelmes and fourth place was held by the team of Parrish, Bennett, Phalin and Snee at 136.

This Month we look forward to the Men’s Invitational. As the seasons premier event we strive to provide the best in everything we have to offer. From the food, golf, gifts and prizes to the entertainment created by the skills challenges it is a sight to be seen and not to be missed. There is still a little time to sign up, however there is a chance your tee gift will have to be received after the event due to the lead times required.

The STAG on June 24 is the next best thing to the Invitational featuring golf and prizes which in the end are overshadowed by a dinner and beer tasting like no other. This is by far the best value for guest play whether you are bringing guests, playing with family, friends or coworkers. Call for details or to sign up.

We will continue to hold our Ladies Workshops every Tuesday at 8:30am. The cost is only $10 per class and we will continue to work on ways to practice and truly improve your golfing ability.

I want to end on a serious note. We are doing everything we can to continue to provide the best experience we can provide. In order to do this, we request your assistance in fixing ball marks, using the divot fill mix from the bottles on the carts, and finally to use caution when using the carts around the course. The carts are not be taken in to the naturalized grass areas around the course. Carts should be taken straight up and down hills and they should be driven on cart paths where available. We want everyone to have fun and to be safe when playing and we want to make sure that we keep the facility in top playing condition for anyone who may play the course after you.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all at the club.

JR Pond, PGA

Dates to Remember:

June 3 – WPGA Armature Qualifier (Course Closed until approximately 1:30)

June 13 – Parent Offspring

June 18 – Invitational Practice Round (Back 9 Closes at 4:00)

June 19 – Invitational Tournament Rounds 1-3 (Course and Clubhouse Closed All Day)

June 20 – Invitational Tournament Rounds 4-5 (Course and Clubhouse Closed until approximately 2:30)

June 21 – Father’s Day (Family Day – Family Guests only pay Cart Fee) – Please call for tee times

June 24 – Mens STAG

June 26 – Hit n’ Giggle 6:00 Start (Back 9 closes at 4:00 – possible front 9 closings depending on participation)


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